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Made in Oklahoma

WellCaddie's team is dedicated to delivering a powerful product solution to our customers to fit all monitoring needs.

WellCaddie was founded in Norman, OK in 2013 for operators to gain better control of their production. Our team of oil and gas experts bring over 100 years combined experience. WellCaddie was designed and built by operators for operators. Our solutions will solve your problems.

WellCaddie products are designed and assembled in the USA.

Caleb Atchley

Chief Technology Officer

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Steve Cromwell

VP Corporate Development

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Greg Hall

Chief Operations Officer

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Bradd Schwartz

Chief Executive Officer

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Built by Operators for Operators

Bradley Oil Company - Privately owned by Bradd Schwartz for over 35 years. Bradley Oil Company’s primary operations are waterfloods in Kansas.

Maxey Land & Cattle - A joint venture of Greg Hall, Steve Cromwell & Bradd Schwartz, Maxey Land & Cattle owns 200 acres of surface and minerals in Creek County, Oklahoma. Originally formed to conserve service water for oil & gas operations, recent improvements have added hunting, fishing, and ranching. Maxey's surface is the primary land covering the GHOG operated Darlin Waterflood.

BG Energy Partners - BG Energy Partners is an association of oil & gas industry veterans with a diverse background of experience including land, geology, and engineering. BG's focus is finding new oil in old fields. By utilizing modern technology in mature producing provinces, BG can create an attractive ROI with reduced risk even in a low oil pricing environment. BG has the athleticism of a small company with research and technology of a large company. For more information visit www.bgenergypartner.com

Greg Hall Oil & Gas - A bonded operator in Oklahoma since 2005, Greg Hall Oil & Gas (GHOG) provides engineering, production and operating services for the independent oil & gas industry.

SDL Energy Corporation - A privately owned company founded by Steve Cromwell in 2004. SDL is actively involved in oil & gas exploration and development in conjunction with producing property acquisition in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and New Mexico.