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Our advanced platform is compatible with a suite of off-the-shelf devices designed to easily integrate into your existing infrastructure

  • WellCaddie

    Amp Clamp

    The Amp Clamp is a commercial monitoring solution capable of helping predict electrical problems before they happen, either for you or your customers.

  • WellCaddie

    M1 Monitor

    The WellCaddie Monitor is a multi-faceted product that can be utilized a variety of ways within your infrastructure using its four pressure and single flow monitoring hookups.

  • WellCaddie

    Modbus Gateway

    The WellCaddie Modbus® Gateway provides a plug-and-play solution for remotely monitoring many existing off-the-shelf RS-232 Modbus® equipment types.

  • PumpsOK


    Developed in collaboration with PumpsOK, the TigerEye is an intelligent monitoring solution to traditional in-field flowmeter monitoring, delivering real-time electromagnetic metering data every five minutes.

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