The WellCaddie Monitor

Uses cellular to communicate with the WellCaddie Platform. Each monitor comes with one flow input and four 5V analog inputs.

Current Applications include:

  • Injection Wells
  • Compressors
  • Plunger Lifts
  • Tank Batteries


Below are some of the key features of the WellCaddie Platform! Check out our live demo for more features!

WellCaddie Flow Monitor

The WellCaddie Flow Monitor can read flow rate and pressure. The device sends data to the cloud every fifteen minutes, which is about one hundred times a day!

Cloud Connected

WellCaddie transmits to the cloud though a cellular connection. To access your well data all you need is an internet connection.

Easy to Install

The WellCaddie Flow Monitor has been designed as a drop-in replacement for turbine meters. Simply unscrew the old meter, and screw in you new WellCaddie Flow Monitor. The WellCaddie Flow Monitor runs off solar power or AC connections