Bradd Schwartz, Co-Founder
(405) 445-4192

Bradd Schwartz has more than 25 years of experience in the oil industry in the areas of operations and administration.  He founded Bradley Oil Company in 1996 as an independent oil and gas firm in Oklahoma City.  The firm’s primary focus is secondary recovery projects.  He is also a partner in BG Energy Partners and BG Operating Company which specializes in leasing and drilling vertical wells in Oklahoma.
Prior to his current business endeavors, Schwartz was a partner in Brown Bear Energy Company for 10 years, a company involved in drilling and operating wells in Kansas.
In 2013 Bradd and other industry partners started WellCaddie due to recurring and unrelenting problems of data and information to make informed decisions.  WellCaddie offers an economical solution to data collection and management which are usable at the smallest levels.
After graduating in 1978 from Oklahoma City University with a Bachelor of Science degree, Bradd began his career as an independent land man and a consultant for several oil and gas companies.  As a consultant, he secured venture capital funding for several clients.