The New Generation
of Well Monitoring

WellCaddie is expanding its monitoring capabilities. Now connect any device with modbus.


WellCaddie uses the latest cellular technology to transmit information from a lease to the cloud. The data is analyzed and presented in easy-to- read graphs.


With WellCaddie it is easy to analyze data using charts and graphs. Informed decisions are made which saves time.


Be proactive by recognizing trends instead of reacting to events. Constant monitoring with WellCaddie will increase productivity and efficiency.

The WellCaddie Monitor

Don't have any "smart" devices? We have you covered. With a WellCaddie Monitor and a few sensors your lease can now be connected to the web. Current applications include injection well flow and pressure, compressor pressures, and plunger lift pressures.

The Modbus Master

The oil field is full of "smart" devices that are missing one crucial thing, a voice! The ModBus Master gives smart devices that voice. Now, anything from annunciators to pump off controllers can be connected to the WellCaddie platform. Yes, we even provide pump cards!

Problem Wells

Start your day knowing which assets need attention - eliminate standard pumper routes and direct efforts to problems

Line Breaks

Constant flow and lower pressure may mean a possible leak or line break

Pump Cycling

Pump is not running 100% of the time. Lower your pump rate to save energy & equipment wear

Pump Down

No flow and dropping pressure means the pump is down. Use the data as a pressure falloff curve

Pump Chatter

Flow graphs indicate when a pump is failing due to limited water or trash in valves


See trends to prevent overpressuring - set alerts to protect equipment

Loss of Power

Detect loss of equipment power, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity

Plugged Filter

Measure upstream & downstream pressures - increases in pressure drop can predict plugging filters

Plugging Well

Use the Hall Plot to know in advance when a formation is plugging - schedule remedial work to increase injectivity

Nothing wrong

Nothing is wrong - this is the best. Move on to something that needs attention