Robotic Monitoring

Can you check ALL your wells 96X/day? WE CAN.

We deliver superior field data to the cloud so you can make decisions when you need to.

Most customers see a 30% increase in efficiency right away with a payback typical of less than 1 month.

Fast. Accurate. Valuable.

A step above the rest

WellCaddie is on the forefront of cellular-connected IoT monitoring, backed by some of the biggest players around.

  • Advanced insights

    Our real-time dashboards give you insight into your equipment's health and production like never before, giving you an edge over competitors stuck in the past.

  • One flat fee

    With a single monthly device subscription you don't have to worry about increased cellular bills, expensive filing, processing, or unexpected charges.

  • Remote connectivity

    WellCaddie devices are built to withstand some of the most rural and extreme environments, keeping your equipment online and connected.

  • Mobile alerts

    Our advanced response system allows you or your team members to be notified as quick as possible when something goes wrong, making sure you're always on top of your business.

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