Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates WellCaddie?

Most large scale monitoring systems have strings attached. WellCaddie does not. WellCaddie is economical, easy to install and operates in the cloud. No software or computer hardware is required.

WellCaddie uses cellular technology to transmit data from a well to the website. The proprietary WellCaddie website is the engine that runs the system. No special programming or programmers are required. Updates, add-ons or special equipment are not needed.

Anyone from the field to the boardroom using a smartphone, tablet or computer and an internet connection can access information. When analyzing trends in data, operators can go from guessing to knowing.

What can WellCaddie measure?

The monitor records one (1) flow rate and four (4) pressures. Pressures can include tubing injection pressure, annulus pressure and upstream and downstream filter pressure. The monitor can measure any pressure that is critical to the operator.

Will I incur a cell phone bill?

No. WellCaddie has contracts with multiple carriers and we incur the expense. Cell phone charges do not go through your carrier. With WellCaddie you have one fixed monthly monitoring fee. That fee includes the cell phone connection, website costs and data storage costs.

Is graphical information displayed in real-time?

Currently, the monitor reads data constantly, posting the average every fifteen (15) minutes. This equates to checking the lease 96 times per day. Readings are recorded numerically and graphically. For situations that require higher sampling rates, the data stream can be increased in frequency for a small fee.

How is the monitor powered?

WellCaddie's monitor includes an internal battery that can be charged by solar panel or 12-volt power source.

What is the WellCaddie warranty?

A 12-month warranty is included with each product.

Does WellCaddie require special installation?

A site inspection will be performed prior to installation to determine any specific needs. Most standard wellsites equipped with turbine meters and monitors can be adapted and posted online in less than thirty minutes.

What if cellular service is unavailable?

External antennas are used with each monitor. This device can work with weaker signals than are required by conventional cell phones. An antenna mounted on a pole or a directional antenna can be installed if needed.

Who has access to the data?

Data is owned by the operator and stored on WellCaddie's website. WellCaddie does not keep company passwords or username passwords. Access to data specific to your username will be given by your company adminstrators.

What software do I need?

The WellCaddie system is managed in the cloud. No software is required.