RFSCADA 4/ Modbus Bundle

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Great for many agriculture, oil, gas, water, and other applications!


(1)Data Delivery Devices RFSCADA 4 Channel EXT In AM1086L Enclosure, Powder Coated Back Plate, Digi XT09-
SI 900 MHZ Onboard Radio, SMA Cable & NM to NF Surge Arrestor
(1) Antenna, 17 dB 900 Mhz Yagi
(1) Cable, NM-NM L240 Antenna, 20 Ft
(1) 50 Watt Solar System Package –Includes AM1426L Enclosure, Back plate, Solar Controller, 50 Watt Solar Panel and Industrial Pole Mount
(1) The WellCaddie Modbus Gateway -Comes with adapter board, antenna, and power supply.


  • Connectivity:2G/3G Cellular (AT&T®)
  • Oper. Voltage:5v to 30v DC
  • Oper. Temperature:-20° to 85°F


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