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    Command Center Plug & Play

    You asked for it, we’ve got it! Now you can combine all your SCADA data into one
    simple platform. WellCaddie’s Command Center consolidates data from multiple
    SCADA vendor systems into one source, providing a consistent, easy-to-use interface
    for monitoring. One password, one platform! Employees and groups (with permissions)
    can view any well, or group of wells, and set alerts according to desired timeframes.
    Variance analysis can be performed to compare current flow rate vs. the 30 day
    average, and yesterday’s total flow vs. the 30 day average. When a variance is noted,
    the user can run hourly or daily production reports for additional details about a specific
    well. View volumes from the perspective of a pumper. A user may want to see all the
    volumes for hour/day/month, variance reports, and how each well is performing,
    compared to the previous month. You can also monitor various data types including
    volumes, tubing pressure, differential pressure, static pressure, line pressure and